Is “A” ezrA? Some interesting theories had been unmasked in tonight’s episode of pretty little liars.
So in my mind this can go two ways:


Ezra could possibly be A, he has the money in his family, thus funding the A prospect.He attended alisons funeral even though he claimed to have never known her. He started teaching at Rosewood High just after all of the A texts started coming to the girls. plenty of A texts have reference to common literary arts studied in English courses. some letters from A were written using a typewriter, Ezra owns a typewriter. There are so many different possibilities pointing to ezra as A.

This tumblr post suggests numerous thoughts about ezra as A which i highly suggest checking out if you’re as scatter brained about tonights episode as I am:



If Ezra was A, wouldn’t he know from the beginning that Malcolm wasn’t his son? it is possible that this could be a situation similar to Toby, where he was doing it to protect the liars. He could have been following aria in order to protect her without anyone knowing about it, he did seem shocked and angry at the situation when he walked into the new A layer, but it could be because he is scared for her, not for himself. 

This facebook post poses some good evidence contradicting the EzrA theory, also worth skimming through:


So there are many +/- on the ezrA theory after tonights big reveal. 

The episode was also called the biggest reveal of pll yet, so who knows maybe the producers and writers decided to make him A, and maybe the reveal was the confirmation that Ali was alive.

If ezra is A, maybe aria could join the A team too, or maybe she is already part of the A team! It kind of sounds like another fun theory too!

Would you join the A team with Ezra if he was A? Also are you tuning into the new show Ravenswood, the PLL spin-off? Tyler Blackburn is a cast member!


that is my brain because now we have to wait for what seems like an eternity for PLL to come back! I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE OMG WAAAAH

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